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we believe that creativity is a vital part of self-expression and personal growth. That's why we offer a range of premium paper products and lifestyle goods to help you unleash your creativity and elevate your daily life. From notebooks and sketchbooks to neck pillows, laptop bags, and backpacks, our products are designed to inspire and enable you to express your ideas freely. Whether you're an artist, writer, or simply someone who enjoys putting pen to paper, Dawenha has everything you need to bring your creative visions to life.


What started as an artistic endeavor in the bustling streets of Alexandria has now flourished into an international sensation. Dawenha's journey has led our products to over 600 retail points worldwide, a testament to our global appeal. As we embrace this expansion, our heart remains firmly rooted in Egypt, celebrating the rich culture that inspired our inception.

In Egypt, Dawenha is more than just a brand; it's a reflection of our vibrant creativity and dynamic spirit. Our products are crafted not just to meet needs but to inspire dreams. Whether it's through writing, sketching, planning, or any form of artistic expression, our range is designed to unleash the full potential of the Egyptian soul.

Choosing Dawenha means being part of a story that's both local and global. It's about carrying a piece of Egyptian artistry wherever you go, making your mark in the world with a brand that proudly echoes the essence of Egypt.




As Dawenha renews its roots in Egypt, our commitment to sustainability takes a central stage. Embracing eco-friendly practices and minimizing plastic use, we are aligning with Egypt's growing awareness and responsibility towards the environment.

Join us in our "Green Legacy Initiative," a movement born in the heart of Egypt, aiming to make a tangible impact on our local ecosystem. This initiative reflects our dedication to not only preserving but also enriching our natural heritage.

With every Dawenha product you choose, you become a part of a bigger picture – a journey towards a more sustainable and greener future. We believe that the choices we make today shape the world we will inhabit tomorrow. Let's make those choices count.

At Dawenha, our vision transcends the ordinary. Originating from the heart of Egypt, our products are crafted to be more than just items on a shelf. They are your companions on a vibrant journey of creativity and self-expression, transforming your imaginative ideas into tangible masterpieces.

Witnessing our products in use, fueling groundbreaking ideas and igniting creative sparks across Egypt, fills us with immense pride. Be part of a movement that not only crosses borders but also celebrates its deep roots in the rich Egyptian culture. Join us in our quest to nurture art, creativity, and the freedom to express your true self.

Welcome to Dawenha, where our story begins in the enchanting city of Alexandria, Egypt - a cradle of art, culture, and dreams. In 2015, amidst the city's bustling streets and serene Mediterranean vistas, Abdelrahman Hafez and Ahmed Mabrok, alongside Ibrahim Hafez, envisioned a brand that would embody the soul of Alexandria. Dawenha was born - not just as a brand, but as a canvas for creativity, a testament to quality, and a gateway to self-expression.

In the labyrinth of Alexandria's rich history and vibrant art scenes, Dawenha found its heartbeat. Here, the fusion of ancient charm and contemporary vibrancy creates a unique tapestry of inspiration. Our products - be they elegant notebooks, expressive sketchbooks, or personal journals - are not mere objects. They are portals to your imagination, tools to capture the essence of your thoughts, and companions in your artistic journey.

As we dreamt bigger, our aspirations soared beyond the Egyptian skies. Dawenha is not just thriving in Egypt; it's aspiring to touch hearts globally. With roots deeply embedded in Alexandria's artistic soil, we are branching out, aiming to weave the essence of Egyptian creativity into the global tapestry of art and lifestyle.

Our expansion into lifestyle and home essentials - including bespoke neck pillows, stylish laptop bags, and versatile backpacks - mirrors our evolution. Each piece is infused with the spirit of Alexandria, designed to complement your life's story, whether you're jotting down thoughts in a quiet café or traversing the globe.

Dawenha is more than a brand; it's a dream unfolding. From the heart of Alexandria, we are setting our sights on the world, aspiring to be not just an Egyptian brand, but an international emblem of creativity, culture, and endless possibilities.

Join us in this artistic odyssey, where every pen stroke on a Dawenha page is a step towards realizing a global dream, rooted in the heart of Egypt.

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