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Title: Photoshoot Stylist

Job type: Full-time

Location: Alexandria


We are looking for a Photoshoot Stylist to coordinate artistic lifestyle photoshoots, from choosing elements and items to staging photo-shooting areas, have the ability of coloring, painting, crafting, and picking unique locations and creating eye-catching looks for each photoshoot. Ultimately, you will ensure we produce artistic and commercial photos that sell our products and convey our messages.




  • Creating unique looks and scenes.

  • Picking elements and accessories to fit the scenes.

  • Taking sample photos to use through social media.

  • Having a sense of painting, coloring, and create beautiful pieces.

  • Coordinating with photographers, models for specific projects.

  • Prepare photoshoot areas using appropriate props.

  • Adjust lighting, angle and model position to present each outfit in the best way.

  • Ensure that the final result is within quality standards and aligns with the scope of the project

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